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About Global Laser

OEM, Remanufactured toner cartridges, printer sales and service

Global Laser has specialized in managing print environments since 1988.

We have been providing Woodstock, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford, London, Guelph and surrounding areas with competitively priced print solutions. Be it OEM or high quality remanufactured toner cartridges, HP LaserJet printer sales, service or advice.

Since our inception, the industry has changed drastically and we have evolved with it. In our efforts to be environmentally responsible, we have worked diligently to develop a process in which we produce as little waste as necessary and give back to the community through an empty cartridge recycling program.

When consulting with a customer we ensure their needs are met by evaluating their print environment and we will suggest the Toners / Printers that offer them the highest yield without sacrificing quality. We also investigate their printing history and will evaluate purchasing practices to help determine if a printer is in the right location, or if it would be better suited elsewhere. Being as we don’t want a printer with a low yield toner, being used in a high yield environment this ultimately helps lower the customers overall cost per page.

Something that sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we offer FREE Service on printers exclusively using our Global Laser Brand Remanufactured or OEM toner cartridges. This can be jam removal, trouble shooting or diagnosing a more serious issue. If repair is chosen, labor charges covered, you would only pay for the part.

In the event it comes time to replace a major component in a printer we will re-assess your printing needs to be sure this machine has met your needs and determine if it is time to replace the machine altogether. At that point we ask even more questions as to the needs vs wants and will always recommend a HP LaserJet Printer that we feel satisfies both.

Our offering of supplies whether it is OEM or Remanufactured is also left up to the customers decision. We ensure our customers are given all the options and PROS / CONS of both options. We feel that by offering both we meet the needs of most customers.





Our Global Laser brand remanufactured cartridges are of the highest quality available. Our cartridges are not simply “re-filled”. We use only OEM cores and they are completely stripped of all internal components and have premium replacements installed. Unlike much of the competition each and every one of our remanufactured cartridges is tested in a machine before it leaves the facility. 

Since 1988 we have been fortunate to have great customers and the opportunity for growth has been phenomenal. We have succeeded in this by firmly sticking to our belief that in such a competitive market we offer fairly priced product with honest reliable service, advise and recommendations. This has allowed us growth in word of mouth referrals and as people change jobs, we often go with them. We have also had success in acquiring several smaller companies that fit within our philosophy. Starting in January 2013, Image Source, a company out of Brantford that, like us, supplied customers with NEW and remanufactured toner cartridges and printer service. Continuing in 2014 we saw empty core brokers join the family, Ballmark (aka Ballmark.cc) from London, and in 2015, Green Choice from Guelph were both a perfect fit into the growing side of the business that processes 10-20,000 empty cartridges a month. In 2016 LaserWorks Canada of Woodstock joined us as we both offered very similar products / services and shared the same philosophy of customer service / sales. Most recently, in 2017, PageTech Imaging Solutions, also based out of Woodstock approached us with an offer we couldn’t refuse, and they too joined the Global Laser family. This presented us with an established customer base in Windsor that until then we hadn’t entered.

Global Laser is committed to providing a complete solution to our customers and stand behind our products 100%. Feel free to contact us for any further information.